XML processing sourcecode, open api

Okay, I would never profess to be an expert at XML. Far from it. However, I have been dabbling with Oracle’s XML calls. I have put together a set of open api’s that permit me to receive an XML transaction, extract and parse the header, and then extract and parse the records contained within the xml transaction file.

And you wonder why this is a big deal to me… good point. Well my previous efforts resulted in memory issues when working with large XML files (in excess of 40 mb). I didn’t have the option of adding a java parser to my environment as was often suggested. What I ended up doing was pulling smaller bits of the transaction into memory from a transaction stored into a transaction log table. By doing this I was able to process the data more efficiently without burdening the system.

I am wrapping up a few pieces of it and then I will post it here for interested parties to review and comment on. Please do your best not to laugh at my efforts. LOL. However, I am trying, that much can be said. Until then… if you have any thoughts on processing XML or sample code, please feel free to post and share with others.

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